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Italian heavy tanks are coming to World of Tanks

The new update is also bringing a variety of interface and quality of life changes.

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Wargaming has recently released the upcoming patch notes for the next update coming to World of Tanks. The new patch will bring a variety of new content to the game including four new tanks that make up the Italian Heavy tech tree. Whilst the full patch notes are a little extensive, here is a summary of what's coming.

The Italian heavies will split from the P.43 bis, and will add the Carro d'assalto P.88, the Progetto CC55 mod.54, the Progetto C50 mod.66, and the Rinoceronte in the tiers 7-10 respectively. You can take a look at some of these tanks coming to the game below.

Also being tweaked is the autoloading mechanic that is being improved to add further strategic value to when you fire shells. This new tweak will give further options in waiting for shells to be ready to fire, in return for bonus reload speed.

Platoon 2.0 is coming in this patch as well, and will give you a variety of new options to search for players across the game. Options for platoon constraints will also be implemented to allow you to search for precisely the right people for the job.

To round out this update, a host of interface changes are also on the cards that will for example allow for a Proximity Spotting circle to be added to the mini-map.

To read the full patch notes that talk about each area in further depth, you can head over here.

World of Tanks
World of TanksWorld of Tanks

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