Call of Duty: Black Ops 6

It was only recently decided that Black Ops 6 would be included with Game Pass

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Shortly before Microsoft ran its Xbox Games Showcase, Xbox boss Sarah Bond had stated that Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 would be included with your Game Pass subscription, which is of course a hugely expensive move on Microsoft's end.

Leading up to this, there were plenty of rumors claiming things like that it wouldn't be included, that it would be part of a more expensive Game Pass subscription, or that prices would be raised significantly in because of this.

None of these claims came true, but that doesn't mean they were false. It seems that the discussions about how Black Ops 6 would be handled for Game Pass went on for a long time.

The game's director of production Yale Miller was asked in an interview with Game File if he remembers when he was told that Black Ops 6 would be a Game Pass title, to which he replied: "It wasn't that long ago, frankly."

In short, there seems to have been a lot of back and forth at Microsoft before it was finally decided that one of the biggest games of the year would be included with Microsoft's popular subscriptions service. Nevertheless, Miller seems very happy with the decision and says that Treyarch is now preparing for more players than ever before:

"I think the exciting thing for us is what Matt [Matt Scronce, associate director of design] said: just more people will be able to try the game. For us, I think it did force us to kind of relook—we've been thinking a lot about onboarding from the beginning anyway."

This means Treyarch needs to prepare for players who haven't played their games before and explains that they have taken for granted that everyone knows what Black Ops is. Miller goes on to explain what Game Pass means to them:

"Sometimes we take for granted that a lot of people play Call of Duty and have been playing Call of Duty before. 'Oh, they'll get it. You know, they've played this before.' So I think it has forced us to relook at some of that."

Are you planning to play Black Ops 6 thanks to your Game Pass subscription?

Call of Duty: Black Ops 6

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