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It was Microsoft's idea to release Cuphead on Switch

It seems as though MS is keen for their games to appear on friendly platforms.

Even though there were several rumours ahead of the actual announcement, a lot of people were surprised to see Microsoft's Cuphead being confirmed for Nintendo Switch. A lot of people have wondered how this deal came to be - and it turns out it was actually Microsoft's idea. Indeed, video game journalist Daniel Bloodworth explained how he talked to Studio MDHR who, in turn, revealed:

"Oh yeah I was talking to one of the Cuphead devs yesterday and he said that it was Microsoft actually approached them and asked if they'd like to make a Switch version. Crazy stuff.

"Also the work going into the Switch port will improve other versions of the game too. Expect shorter load times on Xbox with an update after the Switch version goes live."

What do you make of the spirit of collaboration between Nintendo and Microsft these days?


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