Perfect Dark

It seems like we might get more Perfect Dark information this year

The developer The Initiative is now officially active on social media.

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We haven't really heard much about Perfect Dark since the announcement back in 2020, besides a teaser trailer and information that it's being co-developed by The Initiative and Crystal Dynamics, and nothing indicates that it will be released during 2024.

There is however a possibility that we just might get to see the game this year. The Initiative has an X account that has barely been used at all since it was created back in 2020. But during the weekend, it was suddenly both officially verified and tied to the Xbox family.

We have to assume these are preparations for things to come, and while that definitely doesn't have to happen anytime soon, the chances have at least increased that something might be shown in a not too distant future as it's fairly common that accounts on social media get more active and verified when it's time to start the hype engines.

Perfect Dark

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