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It seems like the Overwatch League is on its last legs

Activision Blizzard is giving teams a chance to vote on its future.

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We've known that the Overwatch League has faced its challenges pretty much ever since its second season, when the pandemic shut down all of its plans to create a truly regionalised franchise league. But, while it has grappled and continues to survive, it looks like we're getting ever closer to a future where the Overwatch League will cease to exist.

Because as part of a financial report, Activision Blizzard speaks about the league and how it is now asking the partaking teams to vote on whether they want the league to continue to operate for a 2024 season and beyond. Should the teams decide that the time has come to wrap up the league, Activision Blizzard will pay each team a $6 million termination fee - totalling around $114 million.

As part of the financial document, Activision Blizzard also notes that the Overwatch League comprises less than 1% of its total net revenues.

While teams could look to ensure the future of the league, this is not a great look for the league and will likely be its conclusion, as the $6 million will help teams recoup a fair amount of the buy-in fee that was initially required to acquire a slot in the league.

Overwatch 2
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