Nidhogg 2

"It makes sense" for Nidhogg 2 to come to Switch

We spoke to Messhoff creative director Mark Essen at PAX East.

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Nidhogg 2 is coming out this year, and when we were at PAX East we spoke to the studio's creative director Mark Essen about the game, and when we asked him about a Switch version, he said there weren't any closed doors.

"Yeah, definitely, I mean it's two players so it makes sense, simple control scheme, so..." he responded.

We also asked about what's left to do on the game, to which he said: "A lot of shine, things like UI, building on more of the single-player, that kind of stuff. Just like tying it all together. We've just been focusing on the mechanics of just getting it right, we redid a lot of the codes [...] redid a lot of little things."

Do you think Nidhogg 2 would be perfect for Switch?

Nidhogg 2

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