It looks like Concord will cost the same as Helldivers II

Sony seems to be opting for a new strategy when it comes to the price of its live-service offerings.

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There were some mixed reactions when Concord was revealed to be a 5v5 hero shooter. While a lot of people groan when they see a new live-service game nowadays, Helldivers II proved that there's still space for great multiplayer only games, so long as they have fun gameplay and don't suck up all your time and money.

Concord seems to at least in part be following in Helldivers II's footsteps here, as a PlayStation Store Australia listing shows the price of Concord to be $59.95 AUD for the standard edition. After checking the local exchange rates, we can see that rounds up to about £32, which is just under the official UK price of Helldivers II at £34.99. We'd expect Sony to charge that latter figure for Concord's standard edition, then, or around 40 Euros.

This certainly will help people who might like the look of Concord but don't want to spend the amount they usually would for a full game. We'll just have to wait and see if Concord can recreate the Helldivers II magic when it launches later this year.


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