It looks like a Doom announcement could happen at the Xbox Games Showcase

At least the wording in a recent report suggests as much.

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There are so many rumours and reports doing the rounds right now in regards to the future strategy of Xbox and what the Xbox Games Showcase in June might deliver that it can be an absolute nightmare to tell what is and isn't accurate. We just have trust in the sources themselves, which is what makes the latest rumour, if you can call it that, all the more compelling.

The Verge's Tom Warren has published a recent report that suggests that something Doom related will be announced during the Showcase in June. The exact specifics of this Doom project remain unclear, as Warren simply states, "Microsoft will be banking on some new game announcements lifting the Doom around Xbox." While this is hardly a confirmation, the wording is peculiar and highly suggestive to say the least.

It should be said that there have been reports from as far back as 2021 that id Software has been looking for new staff to build something in a "long-running iconic action FPS", which for this developer pretty much alludes to either Doom or Quake. Adding to this the fact that id hasn't really delivered anything massive since Doom Eternal back in 2020 suggests that a new project is due from the studio.

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It looks like a Doom announcement could happen at the Xbox Games Showcase

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