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Castle Crashers

It looks as if Castle Crashers is hitting Switch

We don't know for sure, but The Behemoth's tweets strongly indicate the co-op game will reappear on Nintendo's hybrid console.

Castle Crashers is 11 years old this August, but does that mean we've seen the last of it? It doesn't look that way, as developer The Behemoth posted a cryptic tweet yesterday with the following image:

Castle Crashers

Now that doesn't exactly prove anything, since there's no caption either, but the style is a strong indication that the game might be heading to Switch, since they're Joy-Cons after all. What's more is that, when fans asked about a Blacksmith and pink variant, The Behemoth silently responded with the following two images:

Castle CrashersCastle Crashers

It seems almost a match made in heaven for this co-op game to make it onto Switch, especially since it has a simple art style that would also suit the smaller screens, but of course nothing is official yet and this isn't a rock solid confirmation. It wouldn't be the first re-emergence of the game though, as a remaster was released for Xbox One in 2015.

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