It is now possible to play emulated games on Xbox Series S/X

The console upgrade to the browser Edge has enabled a bunch of new options.

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One of the biggest news in the September update for Xbox Series S/X, which was released last week, was the massive upgrade for the console version of the browser Edge. It enables several new possibilities, like running Stadia, Discord or even streaming Steam titles to your console.

But fans have found other uses as well. It's pretty easy to set your Xbox in Developer Mode to play emulators flawlessly on your console, but not everyone wants to do this. Fortunately, you can now easily play emulators regardless thanks to the new browser, which removes all hurdles of the old version.

As shared by Modern Vintage Gamer, all you really need to do is find a page that runs emulators in JavaScript, and you'll be able to play all 8- and 16-bits classics as well as PlayStation, Nintendo 64 and more, using the Xbox Series S/X controller with several other features (like Save States). In the video, games like Axelay, F-Zero X, Marvel vs Capcom and more are shown with perfect results.

As you might know, a lot of the usage of emulators and old games are grey zones or even straight up illegal, and of course we won't tell you were you can find pirated games or encourage you to find out. But at least you know of one new possibility thanks to the new browser, and we assume a lot more options like these will be discovered during the upcoming weeks.

It is now possible to play emulated games on Xbox Series S/X

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