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It is now possible to play Days Gone on an Xbox

The unthinkable is becoming... thinkable.

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Streamed gaming seems to be growing fast with more and better opportunities. Thanks to this, previously unthinkable solutions are now actually available, like playing previously PlayStation exclusive titles on an Xbox.

The Senior Editor of The Verge, Tom Warren, just showed a prime example of this on Twitter, running Days Gone on an Xbox Series X using the new Edge browser that is currently available for those who has joined the Xbox Insiders program. The game is streamed via Steam, and it certainly looks strange to see the Xbox overlay menus in a PlayStation game. While the frame rate won't make anyone happy, it still really works.

We assume there will be plenty of more solutions like this in the future. Nothing prevents Nintendo and Sony from adding modern browsers to their consoles, which would make it possible to play stuff like Amazon Luna, Google Stadia and Xbox Game Pass on a Switch or PlayStation 5 as well.

With more and more games being launched as multiformat and multiplayer mostly being cross-play (but not all, we're looking at you Sony), the walls between different consoles is really being torn down. Fast.

It is now possible to play Days Gone on an Xbox
Image from Tom Warren.

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