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Featured: Gamescom 2022 Coverage

Isonzo improves with fidelity and realism from Tannenberg and Verdun

We spoke to the director and founder of Blackmill Games about the World War I shooter at Gamescom.

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After experiencing the horror of the trenches at Tannenberg and Verdun, it's now the turn of the soldiers on the Italian front in Isonzo, which was released on 13 September on PlayStation, Xbox and PC. Blackmill Games wanted to go one step further with this new World War I shooter in terms of realism and gameplay, and we had the chance to ask its director and studio founder Jos Hoebe about it in an interview at Gamescom 2022 in Cologne, which you can see below.


Isonzo is the next step in the studio's historical shooters and Blackmill has already accumulated a few years of experience in the genre. Jos Hoebe had this to say about how Isonzo improved the experience over the studio's previous games.

"Obviously we wanted to improve a lot of things here. In fact, in Isonzo we've improved almost all the specs: graphics, the shooting mechanics, the gameplay is much more immersive now, as well as the way you interact with other players, build things or destroy things with the mortar. It's a much more complete and deeper game than the previous ones."

The realism of the Italian landscapes, with the Dolomites in the background, is a radical departure from the plains and hills of Verdun or the forests of Tannenberg. And that element of the verticality of the scenery has also changed the way we fight.

"The heart of the game is based on the scenery of the Dolomites, with those cuts with hundreds of metres of drops and crevasses that you have to cross to advance. This is a new challenge that we didn't have on other maps. And the dream landscape, which is beautiful but at the same time a place of fierce struggle. There is a great contrast between the beauty of nature and the war itself."

Isonzo is available now on all platforms, and Blackmill Games has also revealed its roadmap for adding content to the game in the form of three free expansions and various paid-for add-on DLC. If you're interested in checking out Isonzo, you can read our review of the game here.

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Following the release of Verdun and Tannenberg, Blackmill Games is back with the third instalment into its WW1 shooter series.

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