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Is YellOwStaR back on the League of Legends scene?

PSG loses Hampus "Sprattel" Abrahamsson, and head coach Bora Kim could return.

What if the French esports legend made his return? That is exactly what has been hinted at by L'Equipe, which speculates that the former Fnatic man could make a return to the competitive scene, with this news coming after the departure of current incumbent Hampus "Sprattel" Abrahamsson.

Bora "YellOwStaR" Kim retired in October 2016 and has not competed since September. PSG missed the opportunity to qualify for the summer split of LCS Europe, and according to reports, they would like to add him to a team that has suffered from a lack of leadership during the Spring Split of the Challenger Series. The full roster will be unveiled in May, before YellOwStaR's protégés begin their summer campaign.

League of Legends

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