Is Toys for Bob developing a new Crash Bandicoot title?

It certainly seems that way.

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In late February, Crash Bandicoot: Nsane Trilogy developer Toys for Bob announced that they were leaving Activision Blizzard and Microsoft to try to stand on their own two feet. Not long after, it was confirmed that they will continue to work with Microsoft, who will be the publisher of their next game.

Speculation has been running wild about what title they might be working on, with many guessing Spyro or Crash Bandicoot - and it seems that those who guessed the latter is probably the closest.

The developer has updated its website, which now consists solely of the image below, and if you know your Crash Bandicoot, you'll agree that it looks suspiciously like Aku Aku?

We can realistically expect an announcement in the not too distant future, with Summer Games Fest on June 7th and Xbox Games Showcase on June 9th being regarded as the best bets.

Is Toys for Bob developing a new Crash Bandicoot title?
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