Is this the patent for Nintendo's new console?

Is a disc-free device next from Nintendo?

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You can always trust the detectives of the Internet to source interesting tidbits about upcoming software and hardware. Now some users on here and searching for "20150231511".

The patent describes a system, that does not feature an optical disc. Instead it relies on a high speed communication system to transfer game data from server to the machine. The patent also describes a controller, which features a screen. This sounds like the one on Wii U, although no specific information is yet released. You can see diagrams from the patent describing the system and the controller below.

The patent in itself does not confirm whether this is Nintendo's new console. It could also be a new model of Wii U, but one which is released without a disc drive. Nintendo has not made any comments on the matter.

Is this the patent for Nintendo's new console?
Is this the patent for Nintendo's new console?

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