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Is there an Overwatch film on the cards?

Activision's Tim Kiplin is keen on the idea.

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Activision recently hired Tim Kiplin to their Consumer Products Group, which is tasked with turning the company's brands into Disney-like multimedia franchises. The idea, of course, is to make profit in different media formats and product lines.

Kiplin said "we would like that very much", when asked about a possibility of an Overwatch movie, since there is already a Call of Duty movie coming up in the future.

Blizzard has already published a series of short films exploring the universe of Overwatch, but clearly, a feature film could paint a more complete picture. There are many potential routes to take with a potential Overwatch feature film, animated as well as live-action, one that focuses on the backstory or one that focuses on the current conflict.

Would you like to see an Overwatch movie?


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