Forza Motorsport 7

Is Microsoft testing rental games on Xbox?

Is MS taking aim at the second-hand market once again?

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The nice people over at ResetEra are wondering whether or not Microsoft is about to test rental games on its online store.

According to a screenshot, which can be seen below, it suggests that players can get their hands on Forza Motorsport 7 for "69 Reais each 3 months" (that's around $21 / £15). Is this a hint that in the future you can rent games from Microsoft for three months at a time?

Comments on the forum suggest that Xbox Game Pass might be cheaper, but we're not sure that's the case. Another explanation might be that it's an option to pay for your digital copy of a game in instalments, instead of paying the full price right away (something that's quite popular in Brazil, apparently). Also possible is that Microsoft could be preparing to trial game rentals in territories where it makes sense.

It might also be a move to serve those who like to buy a game and then trade it in shortly after, because for those who make purchases this way, it could be a more cost-effective way of consuming games as well as reducing the number of used games hitting the second-hand market.

Are rentals coming back? Leave your thoughts below.

Forza Motorsport 7

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