Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Is Mass Effect: Legendary Edition coming for Xbox Game Pass?

A note on the game's Polish Xbox Store page suggests so.

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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition was released in May and got pretty good reviews, and thus managed to restore at least some confidence in both the franchise and BioWare, as both has lacked in quality for a long time.

Now it seems like it's about time for a whole lot of more gamers to enjoy the remastered trilogy, as the Polish Xbox Store page for Mass Effect: Legendary Edition clearly has the game marked as an Xbox Game Pass title. As this is an EA Game, it probably means it's about to be added to their subscription service EA Play - which is included with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

It could of course also be a plain and simple human mistake, but let's keep our fingers crossed that it is not. Head over to this link to read our review of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

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