Two Point Hospital

Is immortality coming to Two Point Hospital later this month?

The Pebberley Island DLC brings the search for eternal life to the hospital administrators of Two Point County.

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The search for eternal life has consumed many a fictitious explorer and yet another has fallen under its spell, this time in Two Point County, the setting for Two Point Hospital, a tongue-in-cheek hospital simulator from the folks at Two Point Studios.

This quest for immortality takes players to the titular Pebberley Island, the focus point of an expansion which is arriving for the game on March 18 (£6.99 - although there's a 10 per cent discount if you invest early).

It stars none other than "part-time explorer and notorious germaphobe Wiggy Silverbottom" (voiced by Professor Elemental) and it sounds like we'll be helping him clear a path to a mystical spring that could well hold the key to eternal life. There'll also be "10 new visual and 24 non-visual illnesses in three new treatment rooms" to treat, as well as some features that the devs themselves sum up pretty well:

Deal with extreme weather on the deceptively idyllic atoll of Pebberley Reef; complete challenges to open up a dense and sentient jungle and establish a medical facility amongst the trees in Overgrowth; and cure waves of sick tourists in a new horde mode atop the stunning plateau of Topless Mountain. As a source to eternal life would revolutionise healthcare somewhat, we're assuming you're ready for this audacious expedition... Right?

Will you be taking on the challenge and joining Wiggy Silverbottom's search for eternal life, or are leaving this bout of DLC well alone? Whatever you decide, choose wisely.


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