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Borderlands 3

Is Ice-T providing a voice for Borderlands 3?

The Law & Order: Special Victims Unit actor and rapper has teased his involvement with the newly-announced game on Twitter.

You might know Ice-T as a rapper that emerged in the '80s, and you might even know him as an actor in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. But did you know he's also into games? In fact, his Twitter account often posts 'gamer stuff', which is all about games.

Well, now his 'gamer stuff' tag has turned heads because a recent tweet may have indicated that he's providing a voice in the newly-revealed Borderlands 3, to which the Borderlands 3 Twitter account responded: "Who would start a rumor like that?"

Now if this isn't a tease then we don't know what is, and Gearbox is known for teasing fans about future content after all.

Who could Ice-T be in Borderlands?

Borderlands 3
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