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Death Stranding Director's Cut

Is Death Stranding blocked from Geforce Now in Xbox web browser?

It looks like Sony's Steam games have been prevented from being playable on Xbox.

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Yesterday The Verge's editor Tom Warren confirmed that it is now possible to play Steam games on your Xbox console using Nvidia's Geforce Now. This would of course open up for some fascinating possibilities like playing Sony's PlayStation games on an Xbox.

But this might not work after all, as Warren later posted a series of tweets saying that it seems like playing Death Stranding on an Xbox has been blocked:

"Were you looking forward to playing Sony PC games on Xbox through Nvidia Geforce Now? I noticed something strange. You can't play Death Stranding, a Sony published game, on Xbox through Geforce Now. It's blocked from showing up in search results.

The weirdest part is that Sony doesn't publish Death Stranding on PC, only on console. That might not matter, though. If there's an agreement somewhere about cloud / console streaming exclusivity, then this could be why."

Later Warren got confirmed that it is possible to play Death Stranding on an Xbox using Geforce Now, with the tiny caveat that you have to be in Russia for it to work. Of course, this could be a mistake if there is intentions to block the game from Xbox.

Hopefully this will be officially clarified soon, but until then, it seems like Sony's Steam games might actively has been prevented from being playable on Xbox.

Death Stranding Director's Cut

Thanks GamingBolt

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