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Alien: Isolation

Is Alien: Isolation 2 going to be revealed soon?

Update: Hold your horses, dear friends, as Alien: Blackout had been confirmed and it's not a direct sequel to CA's superb first-person sci-fi shocker.

Update: The game alluded to in the article below has been announced and it's not what it looked like it might be. Head here for more details.

There's been a rumour floating around that a new Alien game is going to be revealed soon, but now we have something a bit more concrete to talk about. The official Alien twitter this weekend posted a reference to Amanda Ripley, Ellen Ripley's daughter and the protagonist of The Creative Assembly's excellent stealth adventure, Alien: Isolation.

The small teaser refers to Amanda Ripley discovering "the secrets the Nostromo left behind - no matter what" in 2019, the Nostromo being the original ship in the first Alien movie where Ellen and her crewmates encountered the first xenomorph.

The thing is, the teaser is not at all clear about what we're getting this year, and the mystery is cranked up to 11 with the words "Amanda Ripley. Read. Play. Watch."

Considering Ripley's connection with Alien: Isolation, the easiest guess is Alien: Isolation 2, but then again, we can't be sure of anything at the moment, especially since Sega and CA haven't really said anything. Indeed, it might have anything to do with either company.

More references appeared on the same Twitter account linked above. An earlier post read: "Daughter. Rebel. Hero. Her story deserves to be told..."

We're hoping it is indeed Alien: Isolation 2, since we loved the first game, although any well-made continuation of Amanda's story will be gratefully received. Fingers crossed we get more news soon.

Alien: Isolation

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