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Iron Harvest

Iron Harvest to be a "clash or modernity and traditional styles"

We spoke with King Art Games' Jakub Rozalski about the art direction for the upcoming title.

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Ever since upcoming dieselpunk title Iron Harvest was announced, RTS fans have been craving new information for the game. We recently had an official launch date revealed, putting a timeline on the title and setting it up to release 100 years after the official end of World War 1. To tie us over for the time being, we spoke with Jakub Rozalski, artist at King Art Games, at this year's Gamescom about what decisions led to the design styles in Iron Harvest.


"I was always fascinated by history and especially World War 1, this time period because I believe it was very interesting" said Jakub Rozalski. "We had this clash of modernity coming to life and traditional styles, in the battlefield, you still have cavalry but also huge machinery like new tanks at the same time. It's crazy and has always inspired me so I decided to mix it up with the mechs, because I love mechs and that was that."

"I decided to create this kind of alternate history warfront where people invade with huge walking machines like tanks but not by just driving around on the battlefield. That was the start for this war. The setting is in eastern Europe and not in the west, so it's kind of fresh and based on my own heritage."

What do you think about Iron Harvest's design style?

Iron Harvest

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