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Hitman: Absolution

IO respond to Hitman trailer

"We don't want to alienate people."

You'll likely have not missed the eruption of opinion over the recent Hitman: Absolution trailer, drawing comments and headlines from the games industry to the tabloid press.

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When asked about the trailer during a hands-on session of the E3 demo a few weeks back, were the video was debuted, producer Luke Valentine responded the studio's aim wasn't to alienate people.

"We probably are treading a thin line between what's entertaining and what people may think 'what the hell is that about?' Probably not with our audience I think. i think the people that'll consume the game won't be offended at all."

"But for the new audience?"

"Not for new or old. I don't think people will be bothered by it. But of course, if people were offended, that won't be cool either. We want to have fun. We're making a game, but we don't want to piss people off and alienate people."

"You're worried about that?"

"We're not worried...if we are worried, it's not influencing what we're doing. But we do want to make sure we're released in all territories. so we're going to do what we can to...we don't now yet about low violence versions but we'd like to avoid doing that , but we may need to. For the like of Australia or Japan, or Germany, where there's more rigourous age-rating constraints in other countries."

"But that's not stopping you going forward what you want the game to be?"


You can read the rest of the interview, as well as hands-on impressions of the e3 demo, in our Hitman Absolution: Rules of Engagement feature.

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