Inxiles upcoming game seems to be a combined FPS and RPG

We might not see it for a while though, as Wasteland 3 only launched last year.

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One of the most interesting new developers at Xbox Game Studios is the role-playing game masterminds Inxile Studios. In the past, they have mostly made games with a lower budget, but since joining the Xbox family, they have grown enormously, started a new studio and are still looking for new staff.

But given that only last year they released Wasteland 3, it's likely going to be a long time before we see what they're up to next. Fortunately, last night we might have got a big lead on what kind of game they are developing via Twitter, where the studio answered the question "Just beat a game, what next?" (posted by the Xbox account) like this: "Pulled NEW + FPS + RPG."

We have to assume they are talking about their next game, which then probably is a first-person shooter combined with a role-playing game. According to Resetera detectives, this fits nicely with Inxile's latest job listings. One role they have been looking for is a Senior Gameplay Designer who can "understand the moment-to-moment gameplay loops of first-person shooters and RPGs", and continues by explaining that knowledge about "powerful, tactile first-person weapons and unique combat abilities" is needed as well.

Other roles they are looking for is a Senior AI Designer who shall "Design and implement enemy characters, including boss encounters, with unique behaviors" and also "Work closely with animation to implement, tune, and adjust timing of enemy moves/abilities". Another task this same person is supposed to handle is "Work with the Combat Player team to make enemies take advantage of status effects, resistances, damage interactions, and unique enemy reaction states".

This really does sound like an FPS to us, and it is clearly also going to be an RPG. Sound like a genre mix that could be interesting. And since the game is also confirmed to use Unreal Engine 5, we can probably have some high expectations when it comes to graphics too.

Inxiles upcoming game seems to be a combined FPS and RPG

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