Invincible Season 3 voice acting is already complete

Now all that needs to be finished is the animation, and that's super easy, right?

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After a weird mid-season break that no one liked, Invincible has wrapped up its second season, and it's already looking forward to a third. The hit Amazon series has promised multiple times that we won't have as long to wait for Season 3, but now we've got yet another big update.

According to a post on X/Twitter, Invincible Season 3 has already finished voice acting. Co-showrunner Simon Racioppa also says that those working on Season 3 are "deep" in it, which sounds like a good sign.

Also, Battle Beast and Titan are expected to return, so expect some more gory action from them. There's still no release window for the upcoming season, but we at least know it's on the way, which means fans can rest somewhat easy.


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