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Fall Guys

Invincible is coming to the Blunderdome

Fall Guys is crossing over with the comic book series.

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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has had some incredible crossovers throughout the years, and now to add to that list is the comic book series Invincible. Coming on Thursday, January 5, the characters Invincible, Atom Eve, and Omni-Man will all be purchasable in-game from the store, so you can wear outfits themed as the respective characters.

The finer details of the crossover haven't been elaborated on further, meaning we'll have to wait to see how many crowns it will cost to grab one of the outfits, and likewise, we can't promise that wearing Omni-Man's gear will actually make your a better Fall Guys player. Even though you will be feared in the lobby for your strength.

Fall Guys

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