Eve Online

Invasion is coming to EVE Online

The new expansion will be a challenge like nothing players have faced before.

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CCP Games has unveiled a new expansion for EVE Online, called Invasion, which will be released on May 28 for the space-based free-to-play MMO. The title comes from an invasion by the mysterious Triglavian to New Eden, introducing an unprecedented threat to players, complete with new enemy ships.

Those new ships are from the Tech II categories, introducing new options in the Frigate, Destroyer, and Cruiser classes. Anyone venturing into the Mutaplasmid system may find new rewards that will allow them to modify the modules on their ships, but this will apparently also involve a big risk.

The studio claims this will be a challenge like players have never encountered before, and they classify Invasion as an "event that will change the universe." The expansion will be free for all EVE Online players.

Eve Online

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