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The Waylanders

Introducing The Waylanders, a double dose of RPG goodness

We met Gato Salvaje at Gamescom to find out about the video game as well as the tabletop game.

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The Waylanders was announced at Gamescom last week and we got to talk to Gato Salvaje's Fernando Prieto in Cologne to learn all about this quite unique transmedia project.

"At this moment we're developing a tabletop project and an RPG videogame", explains the executive producer. "But the main project is the video game. It is a classic party RPG. You can play it from a third-person camera or with a top-down isometric one."

Other than the two different views in-game, a fresh twist to the game's narrative is that you'll have to travel back and forth through time to "protect history" as it actually happens. Thus, you go from the Celtic period in the 5th to 6th century to the medieval times in the 12th century. And, as Prieto describes, you may have to live different lives and work different jobs when characters wake up in different ages.

The story begins in Galicia, Spain, and currently is "around 250,000 words deep", with writers as renowned as Josué Monchan and Mike Laidlaw having joined the team.

The parallel board game shares designs and actually adds to the same lore, but "from a different point of view". In the same vein, Gato Salvaje is already planning comic and TV show renditions in the future.

The Waylanders video game is currently in pre-alpha state and will see release on PC in Q1 2020 after a period of Early Access. Before that, The Waylanders board game will be launched. In the full interview we talk about what video gamers and tabletop gamers have in common, and more:

The Waylanders
The WaylandersThe WaylandersThe Waylanders

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