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Into the Dead 2

Into the Dead 2's Switch version is the "complete game"

Versus Evil's community manager Amanda Kirby filled us in on this version, which won't have microtransactions.

We've already heard that Into the Dead 2 will be the "best experience possible" on Nintendo Switch, but when we talked with Versus Evil's community manager Amanda Kirby at Gamescom recently, we heard more about the difference between this and the mobile version.

"The great thing about the Switch version is that we are offering a complete game," she told us. "It's got all of the chapters, all of the levels, the whole story mode is available - all you have to do is just progress through the story to unlock them."

"The mobile game of course had microtransactions, and we've said we're not going to have any of that, so when you pay for the full game, you get the whole game, and that also includes 35 side missions, as well as the endless arcade modes."

"We'll also have DLC available on launch, so that will be the Ghostbusters DLC."

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Into the Dead 2

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