Installation 01

Installation 01 is an "artistic tribute" to Halo

Devs say they don't have to worry about complaints from Microsoft.

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For those among you who have been longing for Halo to make a return to the PC space, Installation 01 should definitely be on your radar.

The creators of this fan-driven project are calling an "artistic tribute" to Halo, and they've also said they don't have to worry about complaints from Microsoft because they are creating it entirely legally.

"We're fairly sure that we're covered by them [the rules] as we're sticking well within them... we're creating all of our own assets and not making a single penny off the game" netcode lead Aiden Leeming said in an interview with RPS.

Although the gameplay in Installation 01 is very obviously akin to that of early Halo, the team behind it are also trying to make it their own as well. They are trying to unify the Halo universe, for example, uniting some of the 343 and Bungie content together in place.

They say that the game will provide what they call a "classic experience" and the maps will be built around a walking speed with no thrusters or sprint (so pre-Reach then).

The team has also made attempts to contact Microsoft directly so that they can ensure their work doesn't get shut down, although they have scoured the rules and are sure that what they're doing is okay.

You can see more of the homage to Halo in the trailers and screens below.

Installation 01Installation 01Installation 01
Installation 01Installation 01

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