Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Insomniac's Spider-Verse game was reportedly canned a while back

Despite the illegal hack pointing to the release of a Spider-Verse game, it's a title we'll never get our hands on.

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As we know, recently Insomniac Games was subject to an illegal hack which caused gigabytes of screenshots, gameplay data, and employee information to find their way online. Among that hacked data were some concepts that Insomiac had come up with, one of which was a Spider-Verse game, by the looks of things.

However, it appears that this game was cancelled a while back. According to Bloomberg's Jason Schreier, this information is reportedly outdated, and was just a pitch Insomniac had come up with before it had been canned by Sony.

So, don't get too hyped about any information you might see online about the game. Better yet, steer clear of the illegally obtained information, as it could give you a false idea of what Insomniac is up to.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2

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