Insider predicts Deathloop is coming to Xbox "soon"

Sony's one year timed-exclusive deal runs out tomorrow.

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Deathloop was released for PC and PlayStation 5 on September 14 last year, and was received really well with praise for both gameplay and the unique art design. The launch was also interesting, as it was a Bethesda published title coming console exclusive to a Sony format on the same year that Microsoft acquired the entirety of Bethesda/ZeniMax.

The reason behind this was that Bethesda and Sony signed a one year timed-exclusive deal before the take-over, which Microsoft honoured. But this deal does expire tomorrow, and we (and many others, to be fair) have speculated that Microsoft is very eager to launch the game on Xbox and Game Pass as soon as possible.

The well known journalist, editor and proven insider Jez Corden from Windows Central talked about this on the Xbox Two podcast just a few hours ago, and said we could probably expect the game to be announced for Xbox this week (something he claims to be willing to bet money on), while also adding that he says it will be released "soon".

Deathloop definitely deserves a bigger audience, and hopefully more people would discover it on Game Pass, so let's keep our fingers crossed that Corden is right and that we will get this game on Xbox sooner rather than later.


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