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The Outer Worlds

Insider: New The Outer Worlds title in pre-production

According to an industry insider, the sci-fi RPG seems to be getting a sequel.

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We really liked Obsidian's somewhat sarcastic sci-fi RPG, The Outer Worlds when it was released almost one year ago. So did other media and the player base, as it ended up with several awards and great sales.

This must mean it is getting a sequel, right? Fortunately, the answer to that question seems to be, yes! At least if the very known insider and analyst Daniel Ahmad is to be believed, as he writes the following regarding the game on Twitter:

"Last I heard a new entry in the franchise is being explored, currently in pre-production. Could change into something else of course, but this is the current status."

Less than a year before the launch of the game, the developer Obsidian was bought by Microsoft. As The Outer Worlds already had a publisher, Private Division, it came out as planned for all the announced formats. We would assume that this might not be true for a sequel to The Outer Worlds as it now an Xbox Game Studios title.

Obsidian is currently also working on the survival adventure Grounded, which is now available as an Early Access/Game Preview for PC and Xbox. The RPG Avowed, is also in the works, which was revealed in July and seems to be an adventure in the same vein as the Elder Scrolls.

The Outer Worlds

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