Halo Infinite
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Insider: Halo Infinite at E3 will be all about multiplayer

Jeff Grub has once again offered his prediction.

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Microsoft released the full Halo Infinite art used for their Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase design yesterday (something we reported about). We also speculated that it looked related to the yet-to be-revealed stand-alone multiplayer for the game rather than the campaign. And it seems like there are more people thinking the same way.

The well-respected insider Jeff Grubb from VentureBeat shared what he knows about Halo Infinite at E3 in his podcast Game Mess Show, and said that we should not expect a deep dive for the campaign as 343 Industries will focus on multiplayer this time. The reason for this is that doing an E3 demo takes a lot of time that 343 Industries would rather spend on the game.

We assume some kind of beta reveal for the multiplayer would make a lot of sense as well, but don't expect to see Halo Infinite single player at this time.

Halo Infinite

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