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Insider: Changes are coming for 343 Industries

Apparently, the impending changes aren't game-related.

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Halo Infinite has been in development for no less than five years and has a brand new game engine called Slipspace. But despite having all this time, the game looked somewhat rough when gameplay was revealed for Xbox Series X in July, and ultimately it was delayed.

This led to several campaigns with toys, energy drinks, and even the retail box for the console being Halo related - without a new Halo game to go with it. Now it seems like there just might be changes coming to 343 Industries, as the well-known Microsoft insider Brad Sams tweets:

"Whispers of more changes at 343 are circulating - not saying anything else for now but maybe it becomes public eventually. The chatter is not game related to be clear."

It remains to see what this means, but there might be a shake-up of 343 Industries, as it should have been able to live up to its promises. The Bungie veteran Joseph Staten was recently hired by 343 Industries to help out with Halo Infinite and during the weekend another Bungie veteran, Marcus Lehto, suddenly tweeted that he was leaving his job to do something else, which could be related to Halo Infinite.

If this turns out to be true, then the composer Martin O'Donnell is one of the few remaining big names from Bungie that isn't back doing Halo again. It's worth pointing out that there has also been some criticism of the 343 Industries Bonnie Ross during the last couple of years, so it could also be related to management - or something completely different.

Halo Infinite

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