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Journey to the Savage Planet

Inside Xbox gives glimpse into Journey to the Savage Planet

Alex Hutchinson and his team reveal some details on the project and how it's going, although we'll have to wait a bit longer for gameplay.

If you weren't aware, last night Microsoft hosted an Inside Xbox livestream in which they talked about a ton of news relevant to Xbox One and Windows PC players, and among the big names like Crackdown 3 and Sea of Thieves we also got a glimpse into what Typhoon Studios is working on regarding Journey to the Savage Planet, a game that was revealed at The Game Awards in December.

This segment featured studio founder Alex Hutchinson (the same one who took to Twitter to tell us that Ubisoft's Pioneer had been canceled) alongside Co Founder & Executive Producer Reid Schneider, Co Founder & Technical Director Yassine Riahi, and Head of Art Erick Bilodeau. Here they talk about how the studio came to be, and how they eventually partnered with 505 Games.

One of the team's main goals with Journey to the Savage Planet is to be "optimistic and upbeat and colourful and funny", and that the player's story is more important than the one they're "laying over the top." Simplicity and humour are also key focuses, things that the team believes will set them apart from the crowd.

Exploration is the name of the game here, and while Hutchinson appreciates the support fans have given after the teaser at The Game Awards, Typhoon Studios doesn't have gameplay to show just yet, although it's coming soon.

You can watch the full Inside Xbox stream replay here, while Hutchinson and his team feature at about 1 hour 17 minutes in. Do you like the tone they're aiming at here?

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Journey to the Savage Planet

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