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Sea of Thieves

Inside Xbox confirmed for February by Rare

Joe Neate spilled the beans on the show, where we can expect to see Sea of Thieves among other titles this year.

Chances are you're familiar with Nintendo's successful Nintendo Direct concept where they share all things regarding upcoming games for their consoles. Last year Microsoft shared a similar show called Inside Xbox, which has been fairly successful with a couple of good announcements every time.

So far no new Inside Xbox show has been revealed for 2019, but late yesterday Rare changed that with a brand new Developer Update on YouTube, where Sea of Thieves' executive producer Joe Neate said:

"We'll also be appearing on Inside Xbox on the 5th of February where we'll talk about not only what's coming on the 6th but also giving a tease of what's to come."

It'll be nice to see more new things for Sea of Thieves of course (and we're not too far from the one year anniversary, which is on March 20), but there will most likely be other things as well. As usual, you'll be able to read about everything here on Gamereactor.

What are your opinions on Inside Xbox?

Sea of Thieves

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