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Inflexion Games shows off more Nightingale gameplay

Ahead of the survival crafting game entering Early Access next year, the developer has given us another look at its fantasy world.

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As part of the ongoing The Game Awards show, Inflexion Games has just shared a brand-new look at the upcoming shared-world survival crafting game, Nightingale. Ahead of the game officially arriving and entering into Early Access in the first half of 2023, the developer has shown off some new features that will be present and available in-game.

This includes the Mary Poppins-inspired gliding system that allows players to gently float through the air using an umbrella, and the broad cave systems that can be explored and will no doubt lead to a variety of useful gear and loot and deadly and dangerous enemies. And on the topic of enemies, the trailer shows off some of the other foes that the fantasy adventure will offer up, including Giants, Elder Eoten, and the aggressive Bound variants that will pose a threat to anyone who crosses paths with them when exploring the Fae Realms.

Otherwise, as part of a recent press briefing, we were told a little extra about the roadmap and how the multiple systems will function. Talking about the latter, Inflexion stated that at the Early Access launch the game will be solely cooperative, that six friends will be able to team up in a realm at once, and that there are no plans for PvP combat in the immediate future. The development team does have plans to increase the number of players in a realm down the line, but will start with a smaller scale. As for the roadmap, we're told that there will be a beta in early 2023, ahead of the EA launch, and that the console release is not currently one of the immediate things the studio will be focusing on.

While the exact dates for the beta and the Early Access launch have yet to be revealed, you can catch The Game Awards gameplay trailer below.


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