Infamous 2
Think about it: How often do you experience something that feels completely new? For me, the original Infamous managed to do that and c..
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Sony picks up Sucker Punch
Sony have splashed out a bit of cash and secured the services of longtime partners Sucker Punch Productions. The developer has been a S..
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New pics from Infamous 2
We've received a couple of new screenshots from Infamous 2, which looks as fabulous as ever. The big news surrounding the title is stil..
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Plans for the Infamous 2 beta
Through the official Playstation Blog come some new details about how the Infamous 2 beta is going to work. To get a chance to get in y..
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Your own missions in Infamous 2
Sucker Punch said they were going to reveal a secret yesterday, and it turned out to not be a new game - instead it's a feature for the..
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Three versions of Infamous 2
Sony and Sucker Punch have announced that they will be bringing out three different versions of Infamous 2 - all according to the Plays..
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