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Infamous: Second Son

Infamous Second Son now runs at 60fps with improved load times on PS5

Ghost of Tsushima has also been given the same treatment.

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Sucker Punch has now revealed that both Infamous Second Son and Ghost Tsushima have been optimised for the PS5. Both these titles now run at a silky smooth 60fps and getting into the action is now faster than ever thanks to reduced load times. Both titles also support save transfers from the PS4.

It's worth noting too that PS Plus subscribers on PS5 have access to Infamous Second Son through the PlayStation Plus Collection. We'd highly recommend checking this one out as we'd argue that it was one of the strongest PS4 exclusive titles. In our 2014 review of the game, we said that it "lives up to and surpasses its predecessors."

Will you be experiencing these Sucker Punch games on your new hardware?

Infamous: Second Son

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