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League of Legends

Inero steps down as Echo Fox's League of Legends head coach

Thinkcard is taking over.

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Echo Fox's League of Legends head coach Nick 'Inero' Smith has taken to Twitter to reveal that he will be stepping down from the team, but before he leaves he'll help current strategic coach Thomas 'Thinkcard' Slotkin adjust to his new role, as Thinkcard will be replacing him.

"I put in my two week's notice with Echo Fox this week and won't be on stage with the team this weekend. I'm really thankful for the times I've had with the players and staff that I've been able to work alongside for this past year," he wrote.

"I have an extreme amount of faith in this team's ability to make it to worlds and I'm looking forward to seeing them there. Out of respect for the players, I won't be looking to join an LCS team that will compete against them this split. Thanks to everyone for the support ❤️"

"I'll continue to be here for the next two weeks as Thomas transitions into the head coaching role, but I'll be moving onto my next opportunity after that."

There were a lot of replies, and when asked whether he'll stay in esports, Inero confirmed that this will be the case, and that he's committed to Riot's venture in the North American League of Legends scene.

Will you miss Inero?

League of Legends
Photo: Riot Games

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