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Indie Dependent: November - December 2021

There's still a handful of titles you should keep an eye on before the year closes.

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December is fast approaching and our Indie Dependent series is about to enter hibernation for a couple of weeks. Before the year winds to a close and the obsession with Christmas kicks in, we thought we'd share with you our indie picks for November and December. Things are admittedly a little quiet over this final stretch, but we've got you covered if you're seeking something fun and original to sink some time into over the holidays.

Kid A Mnesia Exhibition - November 18 - PC, PS5

Kicking off this month's list is a bit of an unusual pick. Originally planned to be held physically, Kid A Mnesia Exhibition is an interactive experience that features music from Radiohead's latest album. The tracks that are featured are unreleased cuts that the band crafted when writing two of their most iconic releases - Kid A and Amnesia. These two albums are regarded as the band's seminal works, so we're expecting big things. If you're on PC, be sure to head to Epic Games Store now, as it's free until November 25.

Indie Dependent: November - December 2021

Asterix & Obelix: Slap Them All! - November 25 - Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, Xbox One

Our next pick sees the return of a certain French comic book duo. Asterix & Obelix: Slap Them All! is an eye-catching beat em' up, which sees the titular pair take on thousands of Roman foes using a range of unique attacks and combos. The game features both a story-driven Adventure Mode and an Arcade Mode, where players can compete against each other through online leaderboards. There's also the option for local co-op too, which makes it a perfect selection for those Christmas gaming sessions.

Indie Dependent: November - December 2021

Solar Ash - December 2 - PC, PS4, PS5

We have been excitedly awaiting a follow-up to Hyper Light Drifter since 2016, and that day has almost arrived. Straying from the Zelda-like influences of its predecessor, Solar Ash is an experience that is more focused on traversal and exploration. Here you move around the gorgeous neon landscape as if you are strapped into a pair of rollerskates, and you're equipped with a grapple hook-like device to make some tricky jumps mid-air. The story also sounds pretty appealing too; you play as a voidrunner known as Rei, who has put her own life on the line and entered a mysterious void in a desperate attempt to save her world.

Indie Dependent: November - December 2021

Chorus - December 3 - PC, PS4, PS5, Google Stadia, Xbox One, Xbox Series

Space-combat shooters aren't exactly commonplace these days and that's what makes Chorus all the more compelling. In this Deep Silver published game, players step into the role of Nara, a pilot and wanted fugitive that is being hunted by her former cult members. Of course, the goal here is to survive these attacks and take down the shady group once and for all. The deep-space battles here also look frantic and fast, and there are plenty of weapons and combat upgrades that you can kit your ship out with to give you the edge.

Indie Dependent: November - December 2021

Firegirl: Hack 'N Splash Rescue - December 14 - Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series

Next up, we have Firegirl: Hack 'N Splash Rescue, a procedurally generated firefighting adventure that made quite a splash during Steam's Next Fest. Playing as a young rescue officer, you'll respond to calls across the city and save civilians from a fiery end using your trusty axe and firehose. The procedurally generated levels mean that you'll always be kept on your toes, and there's a variety of motifs too, with it featuring forests, hotels, and trains.

Indie Dependent: November - December 2021

Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach - December 16 - PC, PS4, PS5,

Xbox players might be feeling a little salty at this point, as it's the third game on this list to be a PlayStation console exclusive. This latest entry in the survival horror series takes place within the walls of Freddy Fazbear's Mega Pizzaplex, and it places you in the role of a defenceless young child. From what has been shown, the game looks downright terrifying, as soul-less animatronic animals will stalk you as you desperately try to escape. Bizarrely, Freddy Fazbear will also prove to be your closest ally here and will offer you shortcuts and tips.

Indie Dependent: November - December 2021

The Gunk - December 16 - PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series

Finally, we have The Gunk, a third-person action-adventure title that comes from the creators of the Steamworld series. Steeped in intrigue, the game follows a pair of scavengers that stumble upon a strange slime-like substance when traveling to a new alien world. Across your journey, you'll encounter tricky puzzles and deadly alien threats, and you'll also have to decide whether you want to save this newfound world. The Steamworld games are certainly known for their quality, so we have big hopes for The Gunk.

Indie Dependent: November - December 2021

Sadly, that comes to the end of our picks for November and December. Be sure to join us next month when we will be reflecting on our favourite indies from 2021.

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