Indie Dependent: July - August 2021

This month's indie line-up includes pixelated Souls-likes and unique time-based shooters.

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Today we are continuing our tradition of highlighting the indie titles that we are looking forward to the most in the month ahead. Just like the weather, the indie releases are heating up as we enter the month of July, as we have time-based shooters, unique pixelated Souls-likes, and in-depth space station simulators to look forward to. Here is a list of our most anticipated picks:

Tribes of Midgard - July 27- PC, PS4, PS5

Kicking things off this month is Tribes of Midgard, an action-survival game that is set within the Viking-era. Here your village is under siege from an attacking race of Giants, and it's up to you to raise up a mighty clan of warriors and end the bloodshed once and for all. The game features a gorgeous procedurally generated landscape filled with explorable dungeons, and the option is present for you to battle alongside up to 9 other players. Does it have what it takes to topple Valheim as being the best indie Viking game on the block? Only time will tell, but things certainly look promising.

Indie Dependent: July - August 2021

Eldest Souls - July 29 - Nintendo Switch PC, PS4, Xbox One

Yet another Souls-like? You might be asking. Well, the genre might be seeing fresh releases on what feels like a weekly-basis at the moment, but you shouldn't be so quick to write off Eldest Souls as more of the same. Sure, it contains genre staples such as an ominous tone and brutally difficult combat, but it also features a gorgeous 2D pixelated art style and the focus is purely on boss encounters. The moment-to-moment action here is also much more fast-paced and there is more flexibility present for you to create your very own combat style.

Indie Dependent: July - August 2021

Lemnis Gate - August 3 - PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series

Given that we were able to attend a hands-on event around E3, we can talk directly from personal experience when it comes to this one. Lemnis Gate is an engaging tactical FPS that sees players fight to complete objectives through several different time loops. Players have a rich selection of different classes that they can choose between too and these have their own specific weapons and special abilities. It certainly puts your whitts to the test, as you need to give consideration to your opponent's past, future, and present actions.

Indie Dependent: July - August 2021

Starmancer - August 5 - PC [Early Access]

With it being in development since 2015, Starmancer has seen more time in the oven than most AAA projects and its release this August is only the start of its journey in Early Access. The title is an in-depth space station simulator where you must care for your crew's needs and protect them against attacking alien threats such as space zombies. The game is set to feature modding support right out of the gate, and it includes a rich array of different customisation options for you to personalise your very own civilisation within the stars.

Indie Dependent: July - August 2021

Book of Travels - August 9 - PC [Early Access]

Next up is yet another title making its debut this month in Early Access. Unlike most games, Book of Travel doesn't feature one overarching objective and the focus is purely on your own personal journey. Its gorgeous hand-drawn world can be explored at your own leisure and each player's experience will differ due to randomly occurring events. It has also been uniquely dubbed as a 'TMO' (or Tiny Multiplayer Online), as encounters with others are infrequent in an effort to make them feel much more memorable and impactful.

Indie Dependent: July - August 2021

Foreclosed - August 12 - Google Stadia, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series

Lastly, we have Foreclosed, a stylish Cyberpunk-inspired action-adventure game that is said to make you feel like a true comic book hero. Here you play as the cybernetically enhanced Evan Kapnos, who has been mysteriously targeted and has had his identity and access to his home city completely erased. Its action also looks pretty fun with there being many different brain augmentations present that you can equip to give you new abilities. If you're a fan of Max Payne, Liberated, or the Deus Ex series, then you should look no further.

Indie Dependent: July - August 2021

Sadly, that's a wrap for yet another month. Be sure to check back soon, as we will be taking a look at some of the finest indies falling within the last stretch of summer.

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