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Indiana Jones 5 could be famed composer John Williams last film

Williams has implied that this could be the case.

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It looks like the upcoming Indiana Jones 5 could be the last time that we see iconic composer John Williams creating a soundtrack for a movie. This comes as part of an interview with Associated Press, where Williams shared a short statement that could imply this will be the case.

"At the moment I'm working on 'Indiana Jones 5,' which Harrison Ford — who's quite a bit younger than I am — I think has announced will be his last film. So, I thought: If Harrison can do it, then perhaps I can, also."

Williams continued, "I don't want to be seen as categorically eliminating any activity. I can't play tennis, but I like to be able to believe that maybe one day I will."

This decision comes as creating an original soundtrack and score for a movie takes a lot of time and work, around six months to be exact, which as Williams puts it, "at this point in life is a long commitment to me."

It should be noted that this is not an official retirement from movies from Williams, but considering the iconic composer celebrated his 90th birthday this year, it certainly wouldn't be a surprise if Indiana Jones 5 was his final flick.

Indiana Jones 5 could be famed composer John Williams last film

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