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Skybolt Zack

In Skybolt Zack's later levels, "you will actually have to use your brain"

We spoke with Maxime Jehenne, producer on Devs Must Die's latest title, Skybolt Zack.

When we were at Gamescom this year we spoke with Devs Must Die's Maxime Jehenne about their latest project in the works, Skybolt Zack. Jehenne described the title by saying, "Skybolt Zack is a platformer where you don't run or jump that much, you snap your directory from enemies to enemies, similar to the Sonic homing attacks in 3D Sonic games but with colours."

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Jehenne elaborated on this point by saying, "You have full control over Zack's movement thanks to these abilities. Mashing buttons is the easy part of the game, sometimes that is all you need to do but it's just for the game to be very juicy and make the player feel powerful. But, when you go into the harder parts of the levels, you will actually have to use your brain."

"There is no difficulty however, if you go to the bottom of a level it is easier and you will get less points. If you go to the top part of the level, it's harder and you will make a lot of points and that's also how you unlock the levels. If you reach the red, top door, you will unlock a hard level but if you reach the blue, bottom door, you will unlock an easier level."

Skybolt Zack is currently scheduled to launch on PC and Switch this October with the potential to make it to other platforms in the future.

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Skybolt ZackSkybolt Zack

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