Improve your game with Scuf's Envision Pro

We've got our hands on the controller on the latest episode of Quick Look.

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If you've been searching for a method to improve your controller gameplay, we may just have the solution for you. Because on the latest episode of Quick Look, we've got our mitts on the Scuf Envision Pro, a pro-style controller that brings many features that should help enable you to play better.

Bringing an ultra-fast wireless connection, adjustable triggers, remappable buttons, mechanical switches, and even a host of customisable RGB, this device is perfect for any controller player who is looking to up their game by moving on from the regular and more casual game pads offered by Xbox and PlayStation.

To see whether this is the device for you, you can check out the latest episode of Quick Look below, where our very own Magnus shares a ton of facts and thoughts about the system.


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