Improve your broadcast capability with Elgato's Prompter

For the professional creator.

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Anyone familiar with television news and live productions will be familiar with the fact that prompters are often used to keep those on camera on-track and to feed them with information and text to read. Elgato has decided that there is a place in the market for prompters for creators and has now created exactly this.

Known as the Elgato Prompter, this device can be attached to a camera or a webcam and allows you to read produced text while also maintaining eye contact with a camera. It can be used to mirror a stream chat or any window that you drag and drop into its built-in screen, and even has Stream Deck support.

We've made the Elgato Prompter the focus of our latest episode of Quick Look, so be sure to catch the video below to hear Magnus' thoughts and opinions on the device.


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