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Improve your audio setup with Røde's AI-1 interface

We've taken a look at the USB device on the latest Quick Look episode.

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If you stream or produce a lot of video/audio content, then no doubt you're interested in improving the quality of your content. If you're particularly interested in bettering your sound profiles, then we might just have the gadget for you.

On the latest episode of Quick Look, we've got our hands on the Røde AI-1 single-channel audio interface, which is designed to improve the quality of your audio with its monitoring and amplifier systems.

Needless to say, if you've been looking to craft a home studio or are interested in getting a microphone that doesn't connect to your computer through a USB channel, then this is a piece of tech to keep in mind.

To see our brief thoughts and few extra facts about the Røde AI-1, be sure to catch the latest Quick Look episode below.


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