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Improbable and Inflexion Games has just revealed the survival crafting game, Nightingale

The shared world survival crafting title set in a Victorian gaslamp fantasy was just unveiled at The Game Awards.

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It had already been made clear that Improbable was going to reveal its next title at The Game Awards, but as for what that game might be, that remained unclear. However, now we know what the developer has been working on thanks to a reveal trailer, which was just shared, showing that Improbable has been working with Inflexion Games (formerly known as Improbable Canada) to deliver the shared world survival crafting game, Nightingale.


Set to be the Inflexion's first title, Nightingale features a Victorian gaslamp fantasy setting, and sees players thrown into a world of peril, ravaged by a magical cataclysm, to search for the last haven of humanity: which just so happens to be called Nightingale itself. We're told in a press release that the game will even feature mystical portals, where players will be expected to explore increasingly dangerous places.

In-game, Nightingale will task players to explore alone or with a group of friends, gathering resources and gear necessary for building settlements, as well as crafting tools and weapons to help fight the monsters and the magical Fae (humanity's rivals) in order to survive.

"Our team at Inflexion Games has been working diligently to create this enthralling universe of magic, mystery, and wonder, and we are thrilled to finally be revealing it to the world," said Aaryn Flynn, Inflexion Games CEO. "We are also privileged to have such extraordinary partners backing the studio, with the proud support of Tencent, as well as collaborating with Improbable's worldwide teams as we leverage its IMS tools."

As for when Nightingale will launch and on what platforms, we're told that it will be landing as an Early Access project on PC in 2022. But, it was also added that closed testing for the game will begin soon, and that players can register interest for being part of these playtests here.


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